Is the Threat of Tyranny Over?

Western democracies have been constructed in a specific
manner so as to safeguard the rise of tyrannies through government. We see in
America and Australia that the government and the judicial system has been
split up into vastly different pieces so that all power can not be wielded by only
one person or group. This was specifically done so as to prevent tyranny.

We witnessed in Nazi Germany the cost of having insufficient
safe guards in place, which resulted in the infamous atrocities that stained
the 20th century in blood.

But in the last few decades there has been a concerted move
within these two countries to largely amalgamate these various levels into the
federal level. The impetus for this has come from the desire to minimise the
waste of money in funding these different levels, as well as fast-tracking
progress that tends to get caught up in the many different levels of red tape.

As honest as these reasons are, they tend to forget the
actual purpose that the splitting up of power into different tiers was done for.
It was specifically designed to prevent tyrannical persons or parties from not
just rising to power, but in exercising it on everyone, everywhere.

But one may object that surely in this day and age such
tyranny is a thing of the past so we can safely amalgamate all the tiers of
government without fear of history repeating.

While it is tempting to think that such barbarous people and
parties don’t exist in our ‘modern’ Western world of today, such thinking is rather
dangerously naive.

I can think of two specific groups of people here in Australiathat
would take advantage of such an amalgamated government and rule like tyrants;
moderate/radical Islam, and the radical-liberal Greens.

Radical Islam is quite explicit in it’s intentions of
installing Sharia law in Australia.
While the radical elements are currently few, moderate Islam is breeding more.
But what’s even more worrying is that even moderate Muslims harbour, or at
least are sympathetic, to the installation of Sharia law.

If moderate-radical Islam gained the controls of a vastly
strengthened and amalgamated federal government, tyranny is almost certain to

The Green party and it’s sympathisers are also on the
ascendency here inAustralia.

They, rather like the nascent Nazi party, are quite
duplicitous with their policies. They present themselves to the public as a
mainstream and credible alternative (again like the Nazi party), yet they
harbour some pretty scary policies that are only ever revealed furtively once
they have the power to instigate them. Policies promoting feticide, infanticide
and senicide are their most insidious, not to mention the fact that they are
generally regarded as narrow-minded economic vandals.

But what makes the Greens the greater threat is the
Nazi-like duplicity that they employ to gain power. This has been proven a
number of times recently where they have tried, and sometimes succeeded, in sneaking
through outrageous bills when they know that it would never succeed if the
bills were honestly proffered.

The enormous lust for power that these two groups have is
only matched by the radial nature of their ideologies. The thing that makes
them so dangerous is that their ideologies are very inconspicuous. It is hard
for the ordinary, busy voter to see behind the façade.

So in conclusion, having multiple levels of power may be
costly, but they are extraordinarily important in preventing these groups with
radical ideologies from sneaking into power, and if they do, then their actions
are largely mitigated by the multiple governmental bulwarks.

About theoldwiseman

I have a ravenous hunger for knowledge, thus my library has a large range of literature, from modern history to modern social issues, science to religion, and almost everything in between. The only genre that I don’t read is fiction, I can’t help but think there is too much knowledge out there to be learnt to waste time reading fictional stories
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